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Reg. CF Offerings

Raise up to $1.07M from non-accredited investors every 12 months. Reg CF offerings are provided by FundMe.*

Reg. D 506C Offerings

Raise an unlimited amount of money from accredited investors. Reg D offerings are provided by CrowdEngine.*

Reg. A+ Offerings

Raise up to $50M from non-accredited investors and accredited investors. Reg A offerings are provided by CrowdEngine.*


Raise for traditional equity, future equity, debt, and revenue participation rights.

STO/Token Sales

We support STO's and token sales, crypto payments, whitelisting, and much more.


We support traditional debt offerings, and have investor dashboards.


Low Upfront Cost

We charge a nominal setup fee. Only pay fees if you raise money.

No Lawyers Needed

We'll file your Form C with the SEC for you.

No Accountants Needed

For raises up to $100,000, you don't need to have audited financials.

Free Promotion

We'll promote your offering to our mailing list and more.

No Developer Needed

Build your page online and we host it. Just add a link to it from your existing site.


Get an offering up and start raising quickly.

Investments on FundMe are subject to significant risks, including investment illiquidity, no guarantee of returns, and 100% loss of investment.


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