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Hello fellow alumnae sisters! I thought it would be a great idea to put together an organized way to collect funds to donate to the active house. We can present to them one of those "big checks" at banquet on behalf of all UofH alumnae sisters. The idea came about from seeing other chapters do something similar. It would mean so much to the actives. I know they are working so hard getting our 20 year event perfect and some of it they are having to pay up front. Just remember how much money we always needed for events and various expenses to keep the house running. If you already made a donation through the registration site, that is ok. This is something that could be a surprise. Any amount will do. I just put a goal of $1000 to start with. Let's see how much we can get for them! (UT alums gave their actives $1000 this year - I know we can do better!) Please share the link to other alums who are not on facebook via email or word of mouth.