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Becuase of the timing of getting this campaign started Altavoz is having to start another campaign please visit Take-over-a-public-traded-shell-company



Altavoz, Inc.  is currently in the position to purchasing the majority of the restricted shares of Max Media Group, Inc. (OTC-MXMI) of which Altavoz is a subsidiary and minority stockholder.  The company is currently dormant with no filings as no activity has been transacted. However ,our initial reviews have found no barriers or obstacles from public records reviews and believe that our plan to take control of a clean shell and that is currenlty trading as a Pinksheet stock and use it to offer the Alta Artists and Alta Bands that create the entertainment for digital downloads, streaming and physical sales an ownership position in the company that is putting out the entertainment.  Altavoz believe that with the Public already in the position to own part of MXMI and now Altavoz with it’s plan to bring in successful creators into the ownership that it will create a Win Win Win that presently doesn’t exist in the entertainment business.


We are seeking to raise seventy five thousand dollars  ($75, 000.00) with which Altavoz will acquire enough of the remaining restricted share to own ninety five percent (95%) of Max Media Group. Altavoz will then file the necessary paperwork in 2015 Via a Super K filing to bring MXMI back into good standing with regards to reports: and filing fees. and change stock symbol to AVOZ  Altavoz is in the final stages of selecting an SEC accounting and legal firm.


Please vist Altavoz.com/invest to learn more about us or on any site like Angel.co or Crunchbase.com

All supporters will be invited into to private party in District of Columbia to celebrate the successful closing of this funding campaign. Altavoz performer TBA.