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Brian McGrath, is a 46 year old Manhattan resident who enjoys hiking, biking, camping, music and spending time with family and friends. On October 28, 2014, while visiting Atlanta, GA, he was found unresponsive in a hotel room and taken to a hospital. He had contracted bacterial meningitis which infected his brain, heart, and blood. His girlfriend and brothers and sisters stayed by his side while he fought off this devastating disease. He had an amazing team of doctors and nurses at Grady Memorial Hospital who took great care of him. After twelve days in ICU, he was moved to a medical unit in the hospital. Brian's next step is to be discharged to a rehabilitation center in Atlanta. Brian is improving every day. He remains strong and shows his sense of humor which gives all of hope for a full recovery. His family desperately wants him to enter a rehab center in New Jersey where he will be close to his family and friends. We think that this will be crucial to his recovery. The funds will be used for a medical flight that includes nurses and ambulance transport on both sides. Any funds over the flight amount will be used towards Brian's other medical expenses.


Please consider helping Brian get home. Any small donation would be appreciated. We also appreciate prayers and support for his recovery. Thank you for helping to Bring Brian Home.

Project FAQ

  • Hello McGraff family, my company may be able to help you with your flight. Please call me at 201 832 4945. I would need to know Brian's condition at the time of the flight. We operate corporate jets that are not equipped for ambulatory patients.

    Thank you. I will contact you when we are at that point. So many people have reached out to us about that.
  • how much is needed in total for Brian to make this trip?

    I have gotten two quotes (one for 18,800 and one for $13,000) We are currently working with the lower of the two on specifics.