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Hello All, 

I was recently in a car accident and thought I would be better by now and able to go to work but unfortunately I am not and living off the money I have saved which isn't much.  I have no idea when I will get better.  

Hopefully you were able to watch the video. I pretty much give you the run down of how I am going to give back to those that give to me.  

Since it brings me joy to help people especially when people are willing to help me, I have a list of ways I will reward you for donations.

1. If you pledge at least $15 I will send you a preview to my book once it's completed.  If you need advice, I will also chat with you for $15 minutes. 

2. If you pledge at least $30 or more, I will send you a gift with a personalized card from me showing my graditude for our great generosity.  If you need advice, I will also chat with you for 30 minutes or more.  

3. If you pledge at least $100 or more, I will send you a gift with a personaized card from me for being so super kind.  Also, if you need advice, I will spend an hour with you and I will send you the full version of my book once it is completed. 

EVERYONE that pledges will get a tweet from me thanking you for your pledge and a quick blurp about what you do or your business. 

Anything less than $15, I will email you a personalized card thanking you for your kindness. 


Here is a list of other things I would like to accomplish: 

I am working on four websites and a book. One website is a redesign of a current blog where I share my life experiences.  Another site I would like completed, that will involve asking the mass media questions daily. Then, I have great plans for a site to showcase talent dealing with those that wish to be on tv and is looking for tv castings. Lastly, a site to showcase all my talents in hopes that it will maximize my chance to get work in the areas I am proficient in.

If you didn't watch my video here are a list of topics that I can help you with: 

Relationships (dating, siblings, friends, co-workers, parental issues, unsavory business partners)

Abuse (domestic, sexual, emotion, verbal, bullying)

Entertainment (modeling, acting, reality work, auditioning, hosting)

Social Media (marketing, management, strategizing, slander, bullying) 

If you are interested in speaking with me about any of the above issues you can contact me here with the chat platform of your choice and your screenname and a small summary of the issue you would like discuss with me.  

For those of you interested in my story explaining why I believe I can help others with adversity please read the picture below. 

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