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Hello Friends and Family!

I know many of you have been following my musical journey and through that have learned a lot about my life and the path of musicians like me. 

This summer I have been given an amazing opportunity: to attend the International Music Festival of the Adriatic for three weeks to study with a presitgious group of musicians. While I was given a substantial performance-based scholarship, that amount only covers a percentage of the tuition. Thus, I still need to pay the remainder of the tuition (about 2/3 left!) and my plane ticket to get to Duino, Italy and back. This amounts to about $4000 total which is a lot for a (nearly) new graduate to pay.

So why am I taking a trip to Italy as a poor college student?

First, young classical musicians are expected to round off both their training and their resume through attending festivals (pretty much, music camps) during the summer. This gives each student the opportunity to study under new teachers and take lessons with some of the top musicians in the field. I unfortunately have not yet been able to attend such a festival as I normally spend my summers working to pay for school and living expenses. As I am getting older, however, it is important that these next few summers (while I am still eligible age-wise) I spend my time expanding my resume and growing as a musician.

About the Festival


The festival in Duino is three weeks long and hires musicians to teach from all around the globe. The main emphasis of this festival is chamber music. Throughout our time there each musician will be placed in a chamber ensemble that they will work and perform with during the duration of their stay. There are numerous opportunities to perform for locals and play side-by-side with the professionals. This is specifically important to me as I plan to purusue a career in chamber music. This festival would not only expand my repertoire but help me create lasting connections with musicians from around the world. 

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