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My sister, Kym Delfino has just graduated this May 2015 and in August 2015 she was to become a grade school teacher.

To say that my sister has struggled in life is an understatement. This past March 2015 she turned 47. Her life has had many obstacles to knock down and she managed to fight her way to her degree despite them all. Then she was presented with the biggest obstacle ever.

On May 22, 2015 we got the news that she has Stage 4, low grade, PMP cancer, which is Pseudomyxoma Peritonei. This means that she developed a mucus producing tumor in her appendix and it had ruptured into her abdominal cavity. They have removed the appendix, however the rupturing of the mucus tumor has caused a systemic contamination in the abdominal cavity.

PMP is a very rare cancer, there are only 1000 or so cases in the U.S. and not many more around the world, making this type of cancer an "orphan cancer" meaning there are not many resources available for treatment.

We were told with the proper treatment, HIPEC treatments, form a PMP specialist that she could live and maintain her life and her cancer. There are a few specialists in the US in D.C., Jacksonville and Ohio.

Her insurance will not kick in until she becomes employed by the school board in August. We are asking for your help to get Kym to a specialist for immediate treatment. You kndness and support will also help with her living expenses at this difficult time.

My sister has worked so hard to achieve her teaching degree, she should be able to use it. All she wants to do is to be an inspiring person in the young lives of children and help guide them.

Please help us guide her to recovery.


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  • Hi i just wanted to point out that we succesfully treather the orpan cancer with 4 things cbd oil kurkuma grinded peach stones and water kefir we also cleaned the liver and gal out with an easy recepy if you need more info just ask

    can you give me more info on the liver cleanse?
  • why only to dec 2016?

    thats as long as it would let me.