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Help us send two shipping containers filled with humantarian su[[lies to the reugees who have fled the violence and terriosim of ISIS.

At a time when many people in the world spend most of their days worrying about a plethora of trivial matters of everyday life, there are some serious atrocities going on in the world that aren’t getting much media attention. A few articles have bubbled up now and again, but only stay at the forefront of national news for a few short hours before they are lost again in the sea of meaningless triviality. With a constant barrage of nonsensical distractions, our attention span grows ever shorter, as we allow our minds to be bogged down in the mire of mush we are fed by our media everyday.

Having lived in Mosul, Iraq for one year on my last deployment and having spent much of my time working with the Christians, the Yazidis, and the Muslims living in the Ninevah Plains area of Iraq, I have a heightened interest in the tragedy occurring right before our eyes. With thousands brutally murdered and many more forced to flee for their lives, one has to wonder, where is the outcry for the almost 2,000,000 people displaced by ISIS; many now living in the refugee camps in the Kurdish cities of Duhok and Sulaimaniya, without any of their personal possessions. Where are the news stories? Where is the support from the world Christian community for the displaced Christians who have lost everything?

If you watched the Glenn Beck Program a few days ago, you probably saw the horrific video footage of ISIS using explosive cord to blow off the heads of about a dozen Nazarines, who refused to give up their belief in Jesus Christ. And also the footage of a cage full of men being put to death by drowning in a large pool of water, for not being willing to relinquish their Christian beliefs and convert to Islam.

Fortunately there are some that are concerned and have an interest in knowing the truth about what is really going on. Recently, I had the opportunity to be on the Kim Power Stilson Radio show, to discuss my thoughts and feelings about what is currently transpiring in Iraq. You can click on the link below to listen to the whole interview. I am sure you will find it interesting.

For the last 12 years Operation Give has been shipping humanitarian supplies to the people of Iraq, through the military and our contacts on the ground, (many who have now fled their homes with their families to find refuge in the Kurdish territory of Northern Iraq). But, with all that ISIS is doing to terrorize the people of Iraq and Syria and with the living conditions in the refugee camps worsening, we at Operation Give feel it is time to beef up our efforts to help.

Just this morning I had the opportunity to speak by phone with the main point of contact for the Kurdish Regional Government in Washington D.C., discussing the next two forty-foot container loads of humanitarian supplies we are preparing to ship to the refugees. Our contacts on the ground in Erbil and in Duhok will be personally distributing the contents of these two containers to the refugees that need help most. These are just the first of perhaps many containers that we hope to be able to ship to these suffering people.

Your help and support is always appreciated. We are in continual need of supplies and funds to help make this all possible. Please go to our website at to check out how you can donate.

If you have forgotten or aren’t aware of what is happening please read the article below, which will give you a fairly good summary.

Those people need our help, lets not let them down.

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  • can i pay by checki

    Yes. Please make it out to Operation Give. Send it to 2363 Scenic Dr. Salt Lake City, UT 84109.
  • can i pay by checki

    Yes. Please make it out to Operation Give. Send it to 2363 Scenic Dr. Salt Lake City, UT 84109.