Funding Jaber Mando MD Student in Barbados






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My name is Jaber Majid Mando. The only branch of the Mando family that was lucky enough to leave Syria before the terrible crisis emerged. My parents are from Homs. Much of which is now in rubble. I still have relatives that live there , and not a day passes by where I dont think about them. I worked hard my whole life to get into Medical school. I am 22 years old and I am number 5 out of 10 originally. About a month ago my oldest brother that taught me everything I know passed away. Two days later I got accepted to the American Univerity of Barbados. I am here now in the 4th semester of 5 total semesters. My older brother by 2 years also got accepted at the same time. So him and I are here together working very hard to keep our grades up. My father works extremely hard to provide for this big family. Me and my brother simply need any help we can get to help pay for everything other than tuition. this includes: housing, food, sga fees, extra curricular activities. Having double the people really makes things tough and any help would be GREATLY appreciated. 


My ultimate goal is to one day travel back to Syria and use my abilities as a sucessful doctor , to aid the refugees that suffer so much. Knowing that I possibly could have been one of these refugees makes me work so very hard. I am truly blessed to be where I am at. Just need some help financially , to aid my brother and I on our path to become medical doctors.