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Peace for the Streets from Kids from the Streets (PSKS) is an organization that provides crucial services for hundreds of the thousands of homeless teens on the streets of Seattle. These teens are very vulnerable, and depend on the services of PSKS to get off the streets temporarily.


PSKS offers an overnight shelter to youth from ages 13-29 seven days a week; where tens of homeless youth can sleep and catch up on their hygiene needs. Many of these teens have few personal items, and the fear of getting their possessions stolen is always on their mind. PSKS provides bins for the youths to store their personal items in, but the wear and tear over the years have run the bins very ragged. PSKS is in desperate need for bins and shelving; to allow free space for more materials such as towels, laundry detergent and toiletries.


This fund me is going to support the purchase of new shelves and organizational bins for the homeless youth. These shelves will provide the necessary organization for the teens to have a sense of security in their lives. Taking on the challenges of child homelessness seems hopeless and over whelming at times, yet the little things can make a big difference in the lives of these youth. These new shelves and organization containers will not only help the youth, but the administration of PSKS every day.  


Thank You for your contribution.