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My name is John-Dhairyan,

I was born with Cystic Fibrosis, an incurable lung disease. I have had two double lung transplants; the first in 2001, and then a second in 2008 when my body rejected the first set.

I'm now faced with a rather dire prognosis of incurable, STAGE 4, Appendiceal Cancer.  It is a fast growing cancer cell known as signet ring cell carcinoma.  Go here for more information:

My Doctors at Sloan-Kettering have given me a terminal prognosis of 2 years (best case scenario) due to the fast growing nature of the cancer cells/tumors.  My current treatment consists of bi-monthly chemotherapy, which is aimed at slowing the cancer's growth, but by no means will it eradicate or cure it.  Surgery was planned at the end of this second round of chemo (I was treated last year at New York Presbyterian, had a hemicolectomy in 2014 and 8 rounds of chemo, but less than 6 months later it returned). My recent PET scan on 4/22/2016, showed no tumor reduction, and compared to my last PET scan, it appears to be slightly worse.

My reasons for going to Sloan were that they were not so quick to perform surgery, surgery that given my weakened state would prove to be a challenge to recover from (I'm immunosuppressed due to my lung transplant which slows healing and presents pre and post-operative challenges).  The other reason was that they offered a center in New Jersey, no more 8 hour days just for a 3 hour chemotherapy treatment.

With all of this information, I have decided to take matters into my own, very capable hands.  I've researched many different options, waded through a lot of programs that lay claim to curing cancer, as well as claims that dispute these cures.  I realize that I just need to take a step.  I have nothing to lose and my life to gain!

My first step is Hippocrates institute in Florida.  It is a 3 week holistic program aimed at detoxifying the body, then strengthening and rebuilding it.  It consists of a raw food, and wheat grass juice diet, along with counseling, and activities such as Yoga (you all know how passionate I am about yoga and the prospect of getting back to it makes me salivate), Meditation, and exercise.  For more info go here:, and here for program specific information.

I’m initially seeking $9,500 to cover the cost of the Hippocrates program, but may seek additional funding if that proves ineffective.  The $9,500 dollars will cover the cost of the 3 week program, my travel expenses to Florida (I'm in New Jersey) and additional services not covered by the initial fee; such as massage, hyperbaric chamber, and whatever else they can offer.  I'm not working and have no financial resources.  

Note: FundMe takes about 8% of the money donated which is applied towards its fees.

If you would rather make a tax-deductible donation, you can donate to the Children's Organ Transplant Association (COTA) care of John’s Friends. You can send checks to COTA, by completing this PDF.  My information is as follows: John P. Lucchesi, 45 Park Place South, # 285, Morristown, NJ 07960.  Please be sure to place Cota For John's friends and my full name as above to assure the donations go toward the correct fund.  I will be placing a direct link to the account shortly to make this process much easier and eliminate the need for mailing donations.  Also, COTA does NOT take any fee!

I need your help to raise the money to explore the many ways that I feel could lead to a cure, and completely eradicate my cancer.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for your kind, loving support.

Peace, Love & Light,


John Dhairyan Lucchesi

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  • have you tried IPT

    No, I have not. Will look into this. Thanks!

    Yes! I think this book is a must read for anyone going through chemo, as well as their loved ones. Our culture has been so misinformed about alternative cancer treatments, led primarily by pharmaceutucal corporate greed! This book is a breath of fresh air, uplifting and opptimistic, leading patients toward a positive outlook, and returning them to a state of hope, and belief in themselves and their bodies ability to beat and heal their cancer.