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I've always lived in a small town you may have never heard of, Mexia, Tx. My parents crossed the border in search of a new beggining. Times were always hard for me growing up. Up until now, my mom has had about 7 surgeries on her legs and is diagnosed with a disease that has affected her spine. My father struggled in providing for us in our needs, but has never stopped neither of them in giving it to us. I am the youngest of my fathers children. I have 2 step sisters and 1 step brother. Neither of them have graduated high school. Both of my sisters got pregnant and dropped out. My brother was always involved in drugs and in prison and caused him to also dropped out. I've seen my siblings and parents struggle throughout their whole life, I just want to be the one to change that. So i'm currently working two jobs, and taking college courses. I'm also involved in extra curricular activites in school and honors classes. By 2017, I should be graduating from High School and plan to attend school at UNT in Denton, Tx to major in Fashion Design. But i'm honeslty scared that this will not happen due to the fact that our economic situation isn't where it should be. I'm not top 10 in my class or anything, but I feel like i've worked hard for myself to be where i'm at today that it shouldn't stop here. I just wish to make my family proud and see that I did get to the top like I told them I would. I am also aware that there are not alot in this world that make it big, but I want to be that small percantage that does. All my life there have been people telling me, "You can't do that" but showing them wrong is the best feeling I have gained.

- "You either work for what you want, or spend the rest of your life dreaming."