the ride for sobriety






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The Ride to Sobriety is intended to gather attention, from here at home and abroad. Riders can join at any place, they have to register of course. My goal is to make aware that the money spent on this so called war on drugs is doing nothing much but to destablelize third world countries. It has not stemmed the flow of drugs into this country. For example; Meth, what used to cost 1500.00 two years ago, now it costs a mere 300.00. Herion is on the rise as well. They havent even slowed the flow, Ecstacey, Acid,heroin, Methamphetamines just to name a few are more accessable and cheaper than at any time in the past 40 years. I live on the streets not full time but this is the truth, this is I believe the only way we are going to get a handle on this and really makone war we cannot win.


The difference is this and I’ll explain in greater detail; usually people get into dealing drugs as a form of income, either they have no education, or they went to a college that is not as accredited as a university like Utah state or byu. What generally happens is if there is a family it gets broken up and even the siblings all too often can’t be together, we need to free up our jails and prisons, we need to make these people feel like they have a purpose and that our government is in fact listening and becoming more open minded of this issue. The rand did a study and marijuana is not a gateway drug. What I feel we need to do is to utilize all these warehouses and plants and buildings that just sit. Revamp them, make apartment’s inside and the occupant’s not only have their sag groups and other classes but they have to work and learn a trade. Put the families back together so they all go through this process and grow with each other.


This would give the people hope, it would build self-esteem, and they would know each other all the way down to the core. Children watching their former hard core dad break down and cry in front of them and mean it, to show that he is in fact just like they are. Mom doing the same. These centers can have teachers for the children for schooling, the parents to. For example the clients if based in a farm type place would have their choice of veterinary school, animal husbandry, heavy mechanics, agriculture, book keeping, etc. they say the family unit is diminishing, and it is. It’s just as much the government’s fault as it is the members of the family. We are so busy trying to run the world that we have almost forgot what made this country what it is, and that is us the people of this country that did this, that made us who we are not the government, sure they laid down some guide lines and put in some boundaries’ and created structure.


Rehab only works if that is what that person wants, and when a judge orders you to rehab, its not going to work, it will build more resentment. Give them a reason to want to, a chance to have their family back as a whole in an environment that even though its controlled the family as a unit will go through the trials and the pain, the crying and the real emotions that make us what we are. Young boys watching their dad treat their mom with respect and talk things out instead of name calling and yelling and screaming, the ripple effect of this is endless in ideas, domestic violence declines, divorce declines, so many possibilities. This will take some planning, organizing, and advertising.


If we cut the demand for these drugs, then and only then will the war on drugs have a chance, and the funny thing is, instead of telling some country that has been around for several hundred years longer than we have, the success won’t come from that government entity, once again it will come from us citizens.