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I want to raise enough money to start a organization called YouthRoots! With this finance I would hire local street performers and bands to play at local and free "black live matter" protest, events and etc., at these events my organization would also be taking donations to build for our goal.


Not only will this organization be creating job for canvassors, artist and retail vendors but will be giving back to our community as well. 

The money we collect I want to donate to schools of need and prodominately of African- American students. If possible I want these proceeds to be used for uniforms and student supplies but even bigger possibly helping to fund African-American, CULTURE, RACE and HISTORY classes within our school districts.

I dont feel I need to explain how important this is for our youth.

As a child I rememeber constantly being sent to the office for disrupting behavior because I would voice my opinion in school during history class. My mother (Naomi Taylor) has always taught me that we are a proud, strong race and much more then just a slave the school would only mention when speaking about African-American race,  lectured from their government assigned teaching books.

My dream is that this organization grows into something so moving it sparks something in our black community, the fact that we have always been more then what others have thought of us and can be more then how others have treated us.