Domestic Animal Lodge






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Our names are Mitchel Terlecki and Karlee Krauser. We are two animal lovers with alot of experience with pet care. We have two little sugar gliders, and it came to our attention that if we needed to go out of town for any reason, we would not have anyone to take care of our furry babies. This said, inspiration sparked in our minds and we thought "what if there was a boarding facility that took all species of animal?" 


The idea for Domestic Animal Lodge (or DAL as we call ourselves) was born. We want to be the best boarding location and provide care for all types of species (including exotics). Our ultimate goal would be to have a large location with beautful rooms set up, giving your pet an amazing experience at very reasonable prices. For dogs and cats we plan on doing real pet-hotel rooms, not just putting your dog or cat in a crate over night. We will have specialized locations for birds, exotics, reptiles, ect. Our only limitation on animal species is that we will not be taking anything that is poisonous or venomous. 


Our issue: we need a location to start this amazing hotel for animals! We are two young people, and we just don't have the funds to start our dream business. We really need to find a location in order to make this all happen. We have our location down as Bloomingdale, IL. However, this is not set in stone, but we should be in a nearby town if not Bloomingdale. Please help us achieve our dream and help us start a new revolution of pet sitting!