Jeff Head's Terminal Chordoma Cancer Fund






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In December 2009, Mr. Jeff Head was diagnosed with a rare form of spinal bone cancer, Sacral Chodroma in Boise, Idaho, near his home in Emmett, Idaho.  There are only four or five places in the country that can treat this rare cancer and Mr. Head chose MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.

He was admitted to MD Anderson in April of 2010 and has undergone four major surgeries and two major radiation treatments.

Nonetheless, the cancer ultimately spread to other organs and was determined to be terminal in his last trip to Texas in April, May, and June of this year, 2016, when Mr. Head had his 4th surgery and 2nd radiation treatment.  

Despite decent insurance, and despite help from family and friends, having to travel so much from Idaho to Texas and having to maintain themselves for months at a time while in Houston and at the same time maintaining their home in Idaho was not covered and the Head's had to withdraw substantial funds from their retirement in order to cover the costs of these expenses.

This project has been set up to help the Head's to recover those funds so that Gail, Mr. Head's wife, can remain in a maintainable financial situation to continue taking care of her elderly father and to spend as much time as possible with their 11 grandchidlren (which will be 13 by July of next year as two more are now expected).  The Head's believe the family unit is critical to the best mental and emotional health of a family (and the nation) and want to ensure that Gail can spend as much time as possible with their grandchildren after Jeff passes away.

Jeff does not want people who have financial or other situations of their own to be burderned wth his situation, but does welcome help from anyone who can afford any support, as he and Gail have tried to help others through the years.