Breakthrough Space Propulsion Systems for Asteroid Mining and Space Colonization






Time Left

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My goal is to build five different types of propulsion systems and after creating a test model successfully combining the best propulsion methods to then use the rest of the funds for a full-sized vehicle capable of transporting four people. I'll need funding for rapid prototyping/3D printing and the research phase on how best to make these engines to produce them in an efficient enough form for rapid transport. After research: prototyping, after prototyping small models, after that, moving to build a full sized vehicle.

The engines I've decided to recreate/copy have already been built and refined. However they are not mass produced and limited in number, so cannot simply be bought. I have much good research papers to work with so will not be starting from scratch and have experts in the various deisgns I can co2nsult to stay on the right tracks. Some thinking and guesswork must be done to recreate some engines but it isn't going to require wild and endless guessing.

Whoever makes significant monetary contributions will be allowed to be one of the first persons to ride on the full-sized, vehicle.