Kristen Milano our guardian angel






Time Left

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On the morning of june 22, 2014 my mother Mary Milanos house caught on fire. Once I heard of the news I ran right over. At the time we thought everyone had got out of the house safely. In our minds we thought all that had been lost was the house. My family was grateful that was all we lost, that is until we found out the horrific news. The cops finally told us my 19 year old sister was sleeping in my moms bed at the time of the fire and had passed away. We couldn't believe we lost someone so special to us. Someone that touched every single persons life she walked into. Not only did my mother lose her house and daughter, but now we have nothing. No house as of now and barely any funds to bury our precious angel. It would be greatly appreciated any help we can get from anyone. It is a very tragic time for my family right now.