Save the Oregon Ferret Shelter from Clackamas County's Greed






Time Left

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Clackamas County first tried to shut us down by saying we could not have a shelter on farm land and wanted us to get a home business license. We hired a lawyer for $4,000 plus CC fees and got their decision reveresed to our benefit. Now they are trying another technique called change of use for our garage!  With my husband retiring this month and finances and his recent stroke and pancreatic episode, they have our back against the wall financially.  If we do not meet their demands, the shelter will close. That will leave approximately 350 ferretsper year with no place to go!  You see the Oregon Humane Society shut the door on ferrets years ago. Animal Control will pick them up, but does't keep them.   Please help our cause for the sake of the ferrets.
We will need to purchase an air scrubber, new lighting, exit signs, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, submit drawings for approval and other structural changes to satisfy them.

Project FAQ

  • If people can't donate money, is there anything you guys are in need of, that people can donate? Like blankets, cleaning supplies, kitchen roll, litter boxes etc. I would love to donate but I have no money to my name. I can share this around though.

    We can always use bags of wood pellets about $5 at Wilco or CBI feed stores and always food. We have plenty of litter boxes and beds, blankets, etc. Chris