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Take part in disrupting the financial industry.

A Technology Company Using The Blockchain To Create, Issue, And Trade Financial Instruments

Vaultbank is innovating the convergence of two worlds- traditionals investments and cryptocurrencies. By creating a single platform for buying, selling, and spending crypto investments as well as tokenizing securities, Vaultbank is paving the future of financial services. Vaultbank intends to generate profits and distribute dividends to Vaultbank token holders, with each private security token represending a partial ownership stake in Vaultbank and its two main business lines:


Vaultbank Token Platform

The Vaultbank Token Platform plans to tokenize securities like Mutual Funds, and will be a securities compliant platform that performs KYC, AML, FATCA and Accreditation. Users will be able to buy and sell security tokens and top utility tokens at industry competitive rates

Vaultbank Fund And Dividends

The VB Fund will consist of secured credit assets, augmented by Vaultbank's hedge fund partner Random Forest Capital's AI and machine learning expertise. The VB Fund will provide the main asset backing of each VB token, which intend to pay quarterly Ethereum dividends.

Beta liva in Q1-2018, live Vaultbank Token Platform for Q2-2018. Tokenization of securities and trading to commence upon regulatory completion Q3-2018

$1.3 million of $3 million raised deployed into the fund. Anticipated dividend to be paid on 2Q2018, but not guaranteed

Vaultbank Token Platform

Security and Utility Token Platform

  • Primary and secondary market trading of security and utility tokens, with advanced trading features and more crypto trading pairs.

  • Vaultbank Token Platform utilizes cutting edge UX and UI to seamlessly allowing Users to exchange crypto assets by integrating the best features and technology from Crypto and traditional securities exchanges.

KYC, AML, CTF, FATCA and Accreditation

  • Investor verification, KYC, AML, and FATCA all built in, and Accreditation for Security token compliance all screened by our global KYC technology partner

Low costs, faster speeds

  • Lower fees than most crypto exchanges, with transaction fees at a flat $5 and no limit on trade volumes, faster trading speeds built through the most efficient blockchain technology

Mobile Trading Apps

  • Venmo/Paypal like Payments feature including top crypto and fiats, mobile trading, triple factor authentification


  • 95% of our crypto users wallets in Cold Storage, triple factor sign in/trade execution authentification, ongoing internal VB security team offensive for anti-phishing, fraud and pen testing

Compliance & Technology Partners

  • Cynopsis: Vaultbank is partnered with identity experts Cynopsis to fulfill rigorous KYC, AML, CTF (Counter Terrorism Financing) requirements and uses its MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore) approved software.

  • Gordian: Broker Dealer and Private Placement agreement licenses in progress. These will allow up so sell the Vaultbank Token, other security tokens, and traditional securities.